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Touching the Void: Screening and post-screening talk

Directed by Kevin MacDonald and adapted from the best-selling book by Joe Simpson, Touching the Void is a critically acclaimed docudrama that re-enacts the chilling tale of a near-fatal climb on a dangerous Andean mountain. Climber Simon Yates faces an appalling dilemma when disaster strikes: his injured climbing partner's life dangles from a rope below him, but they will both fall into the void beneath them if he does not cut the line.

Although the film adaptation shares the name and story of the play featured at the 2019 Festival, a completely different narrative and visual experience emerge from each of these two media. Discover the raw depiction of courage and survival from a filmmaker's angle in this gripping motion picture that won Best British Film at the 2004 BAFTA Awards.

After the screening, Mr Sammy Chun, Mountain Search and Rescue Officer of the Civil Aid Services will share some thrilling experiences in mountain rescue and climbing.

Director: Kevin MacDonald 2003 | United Kingdom
In English with Chinese subtitles 106 minutes

Speaker: Mr Sammy Chun

- Civil Aid Services Mountain Search and Rescue Officer
- Founder and Training Director of Hong Kong Rope Union
- Reached the Summit of the highest peak in Africa, Mountain Kilimanjaro (5895m)
- International recognition certificates in industrial rope access, tree climbing, rope course, rock climbing and canyoneering