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2018 Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series - Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers

2018 Hong Kong Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series: 
Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers Education and Outreach activities 

The Outreach activities that form part of the 2018 HK Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series aim to provide Cantonese Opera education opportunities for secondary school students. There will be lecture demonstrations and experimental workshops, as well as the opportunity to attend a new Cantonese Opera production of Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers. These activities provide students with exposure to this traditional art form and highlight its most important elements.

Lecture Demonstrations – Presented in a lively and easily accessible manner, the central elements of traditional Cantonese Opera are presented by a team of professional performers and production members, enabling students to experience the cultural heritage of this art form in a unique way.

Cantonese Opera Workshops – Led by a young Cantonese Opera actor and tutor, the workshops aim to give students a deeper understanding of the different perspectives within Cantonese Opera including movement, music, costumes, historical and story background.

Attending Performances – Students are invited to attend Pavilion of a Hundred Flowers performances, experiencing this fresh re-staging of the Cantonese opera classic by the revered theatre director Fredric Mao.