Activity Details

2018 Artists-in-Residence Project

Organised by Hong Kong Arts Festival and supported by BNP Paribas, the Artists-in-Residence programme is a unique six-month outreach project. Students from three local schools will learn and create a fascinating performance piece with guidance from PPS Danse Artistic Director Pierre-Paul Savoie and his team, alongside young local choreographer Joseph Lee.

Lecture Demonstrations – Four Introductory Talks with live demonstrations have been conducted by Joseph Lee in participating schools; these introduced the programme and PPS Danse through a series of interactive games. 

Workshops by overseas and local artists – Following an audition process, participating students will go through three workshop phases conducted by Pierre-Paul Savoie, Joseph Lee and their dancers. Students will learn how to integrate dance, drama and music with skipping-rope play and ball games in order to create a theatre performance piece.

Attending Performances – Students will be invited to attend performances of PPS Danse’s Playing Hooky at the 46th Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2018. 

Public Showcase and Student Showcase - Following the workshop period, students will share what they have learnt over the previous five months with their schoolmates and members of the general public in two showcase performances.

The 2017-18 Artists-in-Residence Project is supported by