Activity Details

Creating Site-Specific Performance and Devised Theatre Workshop

Dante or Die Theatre is inviting HK artists to join an intensive site-specific devising workshop. It will be led by the company’s Co-Artistic Directors Terry O’Donovan and Daphna Attias. During the workshop artists will explore methods of creating new work based on the company’s experience on devising and writing original performances in a variety of site-specific contexts such as hotel rooms, leisure centres and self-storage buildings.

The workshops will offer participants the chance to explore and create new performances in interesting and unconventional spaces. We will spend two days moving, writing, improvising and designing audience journeys around buildings, culminating in opening their idea and concept to new ways of engaging with audiences in space.

18 Mar 1400-1800 (for professional theatre artists)
19 Mar 1400-1800 (any background)

Key areas that the workshop will explore are:
* Placing site at the heart of the work
* The role of your audience in site-specific performance
* Physical storytelling moving through spaces
* Creating robust narrative in site-based theatre

Dante or Die makes bold and ambitious site-based performances that tour across the country. We transform ordinary spaces to create unique and intimate promenade experiences.

Led by co-founders Daphna Attias and Terry O’Donovan, we work to interrogate and celebrate the human condition through the exploration of contemporary social concerns.

Passionate about developing audiences, we seek to dismantle the social and physical barriers to attending our performances. Our participation and training initiatives nurture new talent helping young people find employment in the arts.

Dante or Die has partnered with a wide range of organisations including The Lowry and the Almeida Theatre, the Arts Partnership Surrey and Creative Arts East as well as businesses such as Hilton Hotel and Lok’nStore. We are SITELINES Associate Artists at South Street Reading, which champions performance in unusual locations.

The name Dante or Die comes from the site where Daphna and Terry first made a site-specific performance together in the skate park of Kennington Park many years ago. The grafitti containing the words Dante or Die is still scrawled there...